News Is In The Eye of the Beholder

Recently a serial killer was loose in a small town I used to live in.  This town, in South Carolina, was known mainly for its peach-shaped water tower off I-85.  But the killer, a paroled prisoner from elsewhere, invaded this town and it made national news. Police in North Carolina finally caught up with him and shot him dead after he took a shot at them.

The town I live in here in Finland is just as sleepy as the one accosted by the serial killer, even though it is bigger. But recently the peace of the community was also disturbed by a couple incidents.  In one, a prisoner in jail for a killing jumped out of a police transport on his way to the dentist and hid out all day until the police found him again. Helicopters buzzed our town all day.  In another incident, a bear mauled a jogger and was seen heading into town.

Both towns had experiences which they normally don’t have, and both towns made national news in their countries as a result. But the inhabitants of my old locale in South Carolina probably didn’t know about the escaped con and the bear here, and my current neighbors probably didn’t hear about the serial killer, unless they were paying close attention. News isn’t news everywhere.


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