The Merriam Webster Dictionary just added one hundred new words to its pages. One of them is staycation. This is taking a vacation at home or nearby.  This is generally what I have been doing in for the last three summers. The primary purpose is to avoid spending money. So I have come up with several cost-free activities that suit my temperament, interests and skills. Here are ten of them. Perhaps you can come up with your own list.

1) Sit across from the outdoor “boat bar” in the harbor and listen to their music and read my book. I get all the ambience without having to buy food or drink. Plus, sometimes I run into acquaintances and have a good chat.

2) Watch movies I have missed or forgotten by checking them out from the public library.  My favorites this summer have included “High Noon” with Gary Cooper and “Fiddler on the Roof”.

3)Start social networking on the Internet. I now am signed up for Twitter, have started this blog, and I am working on a website. I involve my young son with me in its  development. (He knows more technically than me, plus it gives him the opportunity to learn.)

4) Journal.

5) Keep current with my favorite cable news programs.

6) Make one of my favorite coffee drinks,  cafe au lait or a latte, at home instead of going to a cafe. (I have learned many of these “baristas” can’t make decent coffee anyway. So why spend the money?)

7) Attend my kids’ free sporting event at the local stadium.

8)Go to the public beach in town.

9) Accept invites from my friends to make use of their expensive toys. This summer I have been invited out on the lake in my friend’s boat, and taken a ride in my other friend’s Corvette with the top off.

10) Literally, “take time to smell the roses”” Or at least look at them.  I have been trying to appreciate the flowers around here more by drinking them in visually. They don’t last long around here in this short summer.


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