Virginia’s New Patrick Henry

It appears Virginia has found a new Patrick Henry. Catherine Crabill, a Republican candidate for the state’s House of Delegates, recently decried the what she sees as tyranny by the Democrats, even seemingly threatening violent revolt if future elections do not remedy the situation.

While I think Ms. Crabill is overreacting at this point, it does reflect the potential of unrest due to the media’s failure to present accurate and complete news coverage.  Thomas Jefferson said, “Reflection…, with information, is all which our countrymen need to bring themselves and their affairs to rights.”  At this point in time the media are acting as cheerleaders for President Obama and his programs. If there is dissent out there, it is not being heard in the mainstream media. The variety of media today at least allows for the concerned citizen to find opposing points of view if they know where to go. Unfortunately, the apathetic or casual citizen will not make the effort to go after both sides of an issue. So it is of great importance that today’s journalists (and their media owners)  go back to the days of objective reporting instead of  allowing skewered coverage to abort public opinion.  Jefferson also said, “The force of public opinion cannot be resisted when permitted freely to be expressed.” In that light, reporters have a responsibility to give correct and complete information to the average citizen.


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