I’m on a Diet. Take that, Finland!

For the first time in my life that I can recall I am on an actual planned diet. This is courtesy of my wife, who is supervising it.  Now, I have done my own “shoot from the hip” weight loss programs before-for example, fasting and ruling out sugar-but I don’t remember actually watching everything I eat.

How did I finally get talked into this? Well, while my wife doesn’t mind my gut, she sees it as a health problem. My best friend saw me in April in the USA and said I was a “walking time bomb”.  Also, while I was there, I had my pants size measured and was shocked. So even though my wife and best friend are worried about my health, I am motivated by my own vanity.  So I finally figured it was time to do something. 

I haven’t lacked for advice. One of my young friends here in Finland has advised me to increase my metabolism and lower my carbs.  My best friend recommends a diet called “Sugarbusters” he got after meeting a fatty friend he hadn’t seen for a while who had lost tons.   One popular radio talk show host in the USA, who has lost 90 pounds, recommends some diet from an organization called Quick Weight Loss Centers. He says the food is delicious. But this one my wife has me on, based on reducing the acid in my diet and eating foods with alkaline content, seems to be having an effect.  She tells me my stomach is getting smaller. Yeah, I gotta eat buckwheat and cracker bread, but  I also get to eat grapefruit and butter (occasionally).

Not only am I losing my gut, but the results of a recent blood test showed I have extremely low cholesterol compared with the norm in Finland, and that my blood sugar is within normal range.   Finland has a good reputation in the world for low obesity rates and being a nation of sports fanatics. So when I heard from my doctor that my cholesterol was way below these pojat (boys) , I was like “take that Finland!”.   However, that’s about all I have to brag about.  Compared to Americans, Finns have a much lower obesity rate.  This postive development here, according to a BBC article called \”Fighting Fat the Finnish Way\”seems to be because of government involvement in the population’s diet and popular demand for healthy food.  Anecdotally, I have noticed many more obese people in Finland than when I first came here in the 1980s, but hey, statistics don’t lie.  So I can’t very well walk around here looking like a popular wrestler from my childhood, Haystacks Calhoun.

Haystacks Calhoun

Haystacks Calhoun


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