Blessed are the peacemakers, even when they are Democrats!

Despite the long term effects of  his cozying up to what my father used to call a “tinhorn dictator”, what former Democratic president Bill Clinton did in rescuing the two American journalists in Korea is admirable.  A person would have to have a pretty hard heart to not be moved by the arrival of these two women at Bob Hope International Airport in Burbank, California this week.

Democrat Barack Obama also quieted a storm he caused when he said the Cambridge, Massachusetts police “acted stupidly” when they arrested a black Harvard professor after a caller to the local emergency call center reported a possible break in.  It turns out the professor was breaking into his own home.  While the facts of the case are somewhat in dispute and the case was dropped, Mr. Obama did not have the facts when he made his statement.   As a result he impugned the reputation of the arresting white police officer, who it turns out is a leader in training other officers to avoid racial profiling.  Mr. Obama arranged for the police officer and the professor to meet over a beer with him at the White House.  This turned an event which could have led to racial disharmony into one that actually promoted racial healing.  I agree with Pat Buchanan, who called it  a class act.  I normally am not a big fan of   Democratic politcians, but kudos should be given to these two gentlemen.


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