Social networking for curmudgeons

As a middle-aged man, I have always thought of social network sites such as Facebook as something that kids get involved with.  But recently, mainly so I could view my adult son’s photos, I created my own Facebook site. In a little over a couple of weeks, I have reconnected with  several old friends here in Finland and other countries. It’s been great to catch up with them.  I feel like I am less of a hermit and curmudgeon.

In addition to Facebook, I have joined other social networks such as Twitter and (a site for entrepreneurs).  Through the latter I am already learning how to increase the readership of this blog and my devotional blog .  Yesterday I had the most referrals ever on the latter blog from an outfit called Alpha Inventions.  I’ve never heard of them before now, but I assume some of my social networking has paid off.  Also, I’ve tried to make my profile on LinkedIn more complete. This site is more for professionals, but I have pretty much been ignoring it 

Somehow I get the impression from the news that old fogeys like me are taking over social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace and young folks  are leaving them in droves.  I’m not going to worry too much about it, though.  Young people are adaptable, and I am sure they will create something even better for their purposes.



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2 responses to “Social networking for curmudgeons

  1. geodesia

    I’m afraid Alpha Inventions doesn’t really count. Seems to me to be some sort of a bot–I had a couple of big hit days from them too, but there’s no humanity behind it. But me, I’m real, and nearly human most of the time.

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