Swine flu: is the cure worse than the disease?

In an earlier post I complained that the swine flu was being under reported in the media.  I was worried that this indeed could be a fatal pandemic.  Now what I am worried about is that it is the vaccine which could be fatal.

In 1976 Swine flu (H1N1) vaccine was associated with triggering a deadly nerve disorder, Gillian Barre syndrome.  The current vaccine is expected to contain squalene, an ingredient which is intended to require less dosage per patient and thus increase the amount of vaccine available.  Unfortunately, this ingedient contributed to Gulf War syndrome in soldiers who fought in that conflict.        

If this vaccine is not safe and still in the experimental stage, it should not be administered to people, especially children.  I am not one to engage in conspiracy theories, but it is my fear that governments around the world will make it mandatory for children to receive the Swine flu vaccine in the public schools.  Apparently Greece has already made this mandatory.  The website of the Center for Disease Control in the United States is quite vague in discussing whether or not the vaccine will be required.

Politicians are notorious for seeking to cover their behinds and overreact to the current public fear, regardless of the consequences to their constituents.  They are also not adverse to taking money from drug company lobbyists seeking big profits for their clients.  Therefore,  at this stage of the development of the swine flu vaccine, I would not be one to put the lives of my children in the hands of government officials.  You can count me out on letting my kids take this vaccine.

Swine flu jab link to killer nerve disease

Squalene-The Swine Flu Vaccine’s Dirty Little Secret Exposed


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