I’ve got the football blues

I have been playing fantasy sports on the computer for a few years now, but I’ve only had one good season. One year my fantasy football team made the championship, but I lost. 

I didn’t even play baseball this year because I always lose. I haven’t figured out things like WHIP.  Plus, I don’t know the players that well in major league baseball anymore.

This year I have signed up with Yahoo for a football team and even created my own league on Fox. So far I have talked a native here in Finland and my daughter into playing in my league. Neither one knows much about football.  This weekend I will ask my (almost) 11-year old son to play. I have sent out invites to other friends and family and have had no response. I am wondering if people are getting their invites, and I know my daughter hasn’t got hers.  So I sent the help desk and Email a few minutes ago. I have extended my draft until the morning before the season begins. 

I played Fox fantasy football a couple of years ago and they were abysmal. Why I signed up for them again I do not know.  I guess I thought they would work out the bugs by now. Maybe they have and maybe it’s me. We’ll see what the help desk says.

The season begins in less than a week and I am getting depressed thinking about how I will go another year without seeing live NFL football. I could buy it on NFL.com, but man — they are expensive.  If we had a TV perhaps I could buy a satellite network that carrys it.  But Finland has a silly tax on tv viewing  that is not cheap, and I would refuse to pay even if I had the money. 

It’s starting out as a rough year for me with the NFL!


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