Birds, Bunnies and Bears

When I first moved to Finland I was startled at the size of the rabbits here. They’re the size of a small dog.  I had to squint and make sure I was seeing what I was seeing.

They aren’t the “Peter Cottontail” variety of rabbit. They don’t conjure up visions of the Easter Bunny. In fact, they are a little bit rodent-like. Yet, they don’t deserve their fate. It seems the authorities in Helsinki, faced with a shortage of chow at the local zoo for vultures and bears, have decided to round up the city bunnies and feed them to the predators.

(Let me digress. Speaking of bears, did you NFL fans see that Jay Cutler and Chicago took a bite out of the Pittsburgh steel curtain on Sunday? Had they not, the rabid Chicago fans would have fed Cutler to the local zoo.)

Apparently, not to be outdone, another pesky critter has decided to replace the rabbits in the hearts and minds of the Helsinki citizens.  A bird called the barnacle goose is breeding like, well, like rabbits.  And they are annoyingly leaving their droppings all over town. Not exactly good in this era of swine flu when they are passing out hand sanitizers at work.

Birds can be disgusting creatures.  When I lived in the Middle East the local pigeons dominated the area around our flat. They too left their poop laying around.  I hated the things.  Not only were they dirty, but they were stupid, too.  One of them flew into our window one day and knocked himself out. Served him right.

Wherever I go it seems bothersome birds follow.  Here in Finland, a peaceful land with quiet people, they have a nasty variety of crow.  They are aggressive in nature, unlike the humans here. Once while walking to work I was wearing my Baltimore Ravens (NFL) cap with their bírd logo and some crow mama saw me as a threat and started dive bombing me.

The seagulls on Lake Saimaa are also aggravating. They hang out in the harbor, looking for a free handout while I am minding my own business and reading my novel.

Why is it that exotic creatures like the ringed seal are becoming extinct, while these winged nuisances continue to thrive? Life ain’t fair. 

Helsinki Sanomat: Urban rabbits to be fed to zoo beasts

Helsinki Sanomat: Barnacle geese are here to stay


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  1. Tom

    Roses are red,
    violets are blue,
    rabbits of Helsinki,
    are “fed” at the zoo.

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