You CAN go home again -sort of.

Having moved back to the land of my childhood, I gave myself a little tour of my old neighborhood today.

I drove through rather quickly. I stopped  in front of the house I grew up in and there was some 20-something guy sitting on the front porch with some black hot car parked in front. He stared at me, so I left. I can’t blame him in this day and age.

I reviewed the names of the neighbors as I went past their houses. It  brought back fast memories.

The section of town I grew up in looks pretty much the same, except businesses have changed.  My old schools are still there. The area looks a little shabby, but then again it was a gloomy day with rain. I looked for one church across from my old grade school.  It was now some other church. As I headed out of town, the old church was in a new fancy building in the outskirts. Typical.

My best enounter was in a 7-Eleven. I mentioned to the clerk that I used to live in the area as a kid. She asked me where and I told her the name of the street. She said she used to live on that street and stated the number. It blew my mind. She had lived in the house of my childhood, only 10 years after I had left.

I also discussed my visit with a man who appeared to be the manager. I told him there had been no 7-Elevens in the area back then and said they probably didn’t exist. He told me the chain had been around since the turn of the century. I told him a local gas station served the role of a convenience store at the time. I think it is a rent-all place now. I told him I bought my comic books there.

I did see one delicatessen that I remembered as a kid. I may give it a try.



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2 responses to “You CAN go home again -sort of.

  1. Pam Fruit

    We went to see Ed’s old home in Plano years ago and I know it was helpful for him to see it. It was still standing. The neighborhood looked similar to his memories.

    My problem will be when my father is gone from his home…the only home I’ve known from childhood on til I was married. That will hurt to clear it out and sell it to some one “new.”

    Glad you had time for memory trips. It will help the ground for your new memories.

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