A Pickle on ICE

ICE should serve this tasty refreshment in its caferia

I can only speak from personal experience and what I hear reported in the news media, but it is clear that immigration policies and procedures  in the United States are a mess.  I am not just talking about the government’s approach to illegal immigrants, which is the most talked about topic in the news.  I am more concerned with how impossible it is for people without means to immigrate to this country.

My wife’s and my experiences with obtaining and keeping her status as a legal resident alien has been an epoch worthyof other stories of good versus evil.  The confusion, misinformation, rudeness, expense, and incompetence we have encountered dealing with the government in regards to her green card has worn us out and left us in a pickle.   In fact, perhaps this should be the new symbol of the Immigration and Custom’s Enforcement (Ice) agency. (I was going to say “service”, but there is nothing about the organization that would warrant it.)  

Their slogan could be, “Have a pickle on ICE!”  That’s certainly what they have served (oops, there’s that  word again) up to us.   I will explain this offering in brine in future posts.



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2 responses to “A Pickle on ICE

  1. peppy l'stink

    Perhaps you mean Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS)? CIS grants immigration benefits and they would be the agency your wife is dealing with, unless she has committed fraud, an immigration violation, or been convicted of a crime.

    ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) arrests and deports murderers, robbers, rapists, and illegal aliens who have violated immigration or other laws.

    I’m concerned about people without means or skills coming to the United States also. This is why there are narrowly defined categories of who is allowed to immigrate and limits on numbers. As much as you might wish, not everybody gets to live here.


    • I appreciate the correction on the agency. I agree not everyone gets to live here. However, the mother of my four American children and an 18-year green card holder should be able to. She shouldn’t be treated like those who commit the heinous acts you described. Thanks for visiting!

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