POP (Post Office Pickle)

My wife's green card had become frozen in time

In August of 2004 my Finnish wife returned to the United States on an immigrant visa obtained at the US Embassy in Helsinki, Finland.   I was going to graduate school in California, so that’s where we planted ourselves.

We expected her green card to arrive at some time, but is never showed up,  even though the government was given our  California address.  We waited until the following spring to contact the immgration folks.   My wife was told that unless we put our name on the mailbox, they wouldn’t deliver the mail. (Hmmm.) 

In any case, the person said they would have the card mailed, and  my wife dutifully put our name on our mailbox.  She recalls receiving a turnaround time of two months for the green card to be sent out.  Alas, it never came.

In the late summer I received a job offer in the Middle East.  My wife joined me there in September. Before she left, she gave the Post Office the address in the USA to send our mail.  After an entire year in the Middle East, we left to go on vacation in Finland in the summer of 2006, still awaiting news of her green card.  

Our pickle was beginning to sour.


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