You look like…

It’s funny how you meet people that remind you of a celebrity. Lately I have been running into them at Starbucks.  I met a guy today that opened the door for me (I’m on crutches) who looks like Chris Cooper the actor. He’s the guy who among other roles played Homer Hickham’s father in the movie October Sky.

There is a barista at the Starbucks near my office who looks like Tobey Maquire of Spider Man fame. I asked him, “Did anyone ever tell you that you look like the guy from Spider Man?”  He told me no, then bounced the comparison off his female colleagues.  They had looks of doubt. He looked at me and said, “I will take that as a complement.”

I suppose  we all meet, work, play and associate with people who look like someone else. I once had a pastor who looks like Johnny Depp. I also had a colleague at a bank, a Mexican woman, who looks like Penelope Cruz. 

We might remind others of a celebrity ourselves!  When I was young a friend saw a  picture of Barry Manilow and it was suggested I looked like him. One girl looked at the photo and said in exlamation, “TIM”!, meaning, “IT’S YOU!”  I didn’t particularly like the idea that I resembled Barry Manilow because I really hated his music and I thought he looked like a weasel.

I suppose that this comparison is better than one made of me in the last year. One colleague at work saw my driver’s license picture and said I look like Mr. Bean.  Just once I wish someone would say that I look like Johnny Depp, Robert Redford, Clark Gable or some other movie hunk instead.

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