No Calm Before This Holiday Storm

At the moment the first three or so inches of snow have fallen outside, with an additional foot or so expected over the weekend.  Snow is nothing new to me, having lived in Finland the last few years.  It’s really nothing new to the mountains of southwest Virginia where I live now, either. But lately there hasn’t been much here.  The area has only averaged 12 inches of snow for the entire winter the last 3 years.

You could tell the people were scrambling this morning preparing for the blizzard.  We were supposed to have graduation for our students, but this was cancelled. Somehow we pulled off the white elephant gifts and cookie exchange though before I headed out the door about 11:30 am. The weather report said it was supposed to start snowing about noon.  But it didn’t look or feel like it.

Since the weather seemed to be holding off, I decided to rustle up the kids and go get a Christmas tree. The purchase of the tree and ornaments went well enough.  But when we started looking for a tree stand and plastic sleds for the snow, it got crazy.  We went to several stories looking for both and came up empty, including the place where we bought our tree.  It puzzled me how a store could sell trees and not have enough tree stands in stock. But I guess that is American management.

I was more sympathetic with the stores for not having sleds. Why sell them when you have been getting so little snow? So every place we went the stores either had none or had sold out earlier in the day. 

I made one last effort to get a tree stand.  There is a hardware store in my town that came through in an earlier fix. Even though it had started snowing and I am still using a crutch for a broken ankle, I decided to brave it because I want the family to put the tree up tonight.  So I went to the hardware store, thinking that if this didn’t work out I might even drive 40 minutes to the big city. (I know it sounds like Barney and Andy deciding to go up to Raleigh.) But once I pulled into the hardware store, I put away any of those ideas.  It was really starting to come down.

I walked in the store and looked to my left. There were several boxes of Christmas tree stands.  Victory!  They like everyone else had sold out of sleds earlier in the day, however. But one nice worker told me to try one of the local pharmacies. He said he had seen a lady walk out with one there earlier. So I gave it a shot.

I walked into the pharmacy and they too had sold out of the type of sled I wanted. But they did have these sleds that are nothing more than plastic mats. I figured they were better than nothing and there was a sale, so I bought a couple.

At first I was a little skeptical that a storm was really coming our way.  Once I lived in an area where the remnants of a hurricane were forecast to hit. The city closed for the day. However, the storm front went west of  our  area  and it turned out to be a beautiful, sunny and warm day.  There was a holiday spirit all over town.

But this storm looks legit. It’s still coming down steadily.  Because I was able to finally make some purchases to make things festive around the house this weekend while we are snowed it, I think we’ll have a holiday spirit as well.


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  1. Eddie B

    Good story, good writing, good result…remember the song…”%% It’s beginning to look a lot like Suomi, everywhere I….%%….

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