Christmas Earworm

Every Christmas it seems one song dominates my brain.  It’s not that the song necessarily gets played more than others over the airwaves or in the store . It’s just that I hear it somewhere over and over in my own circumstances and it becomes an earworm.

An earworm is a song  that keeps repeating over and over in your brain. It becomes stuck in your head.  This year’s Christmas earworm is “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”. I think Starbucks must have it on their playlist continously.

It’s a neat little song, with a flirtatious couple dueling over whether the woman is going to go home despite the male lead’s urgings that, “baby, it’s cold outside.”  The male lead is called the “Wolf”, while the female voice is called the “Mouse”.  It is more of a cat and mouse game, really.

What is really interesing about the song is the number of male and female vocalists who have recorded it.  A look at Wikipedia (not always reliable, but probably ok in this case) will reveal a whole list of these pairings. I know I have heard more than one version on the radio and in the store.

I think last year’s earworm for me was  Burl Ives’ “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas”.  Burl Ives’ is Santa Claus persona and he has this winsome, gravelly voice that makes it hard to forget the tune.

What is odd to me is how little Christmas music there really is on the radio anymore. I have been scrolling through the stations and have not found that much, at least compared to recent years.

My favorite Christmas tune is the instrumental version of “Sleigh Ride”.  I never seem to get to hear it during the Christmas season though. Since it doesn’t have vocals, it doesn’t stand a chance of becoming an earworm for that reason alone. I wish it did, though.

Since I don’t hear it much, I am posting it  here.


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