Musings from Books-A-Million

In the land of television, I find myself without one.  We just moved into a new development and television is either not available yet or too expensive. 

So here I am in a Books-A-Million, one of my favorite blogging spots.  With a television I would be home right now getting ready to watch Texas vs. Alabama.  While the game is for the national championship, I am not all that interested. I could go to the local sports pub, but I am saving my shekels for the Ravens-Patriots playoff game this weekend.

Books-A-Million here in Blacksburg, Va. is a nice place if you don’t have TV.  The booksellers (didn’t they used to be called clerks?) have been really nice to me.  That’s why I like to come here. The atmosphere is good.

I love the look and feel of binding, covers and paper on reading material, also. I can’t get into electronic reading with a Kindle, at least not yet.  My one complaint is that even though Christmas is over and Books-A-Million is advertising big savings, none of the books that appeal to me are on sale.  And the ones that are at least moderately attractive to me  aren’ t low enough in price to cause me to shell out a few bucks for them.

 I picked up one book by one of my favorite authors and almost bought it.  It’s only four dollars. But then I realized I haven’t finished one of his other books yet.  I also  have a pile of other books at home that I either got from the library, paid one dollar for here at Books-A-Million, or were given to me as gifts. So I put it back. There were three of them there, so I figured I will wait a while since I don’t think they’ll sell out. The author is a relatively obscure one, although he is well-known in his genre. 

While I am waiting for the TV powers to get their act together and either come down in cost or wire my neighborhood, reading is a good alternative.  I am sitting in book heaven, with the Internet and its infinite material available to me on my laptop, and the daily newspaper nearby.   The tube can wait.


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