NFL Playoff Predictions, Including My Super Bowl Winner

Update on January 11: Somehow I got hold of the wrong bracket for the AFC.  I will stick with my original winners, although after Baltimore’s performance in New England, I am tempted to pick them. So it is still Chargers vs. Colts in the AFC Championship game.

Maybe I have been influenced too much by playing Madden 2010 over Christmas. But here goes:

Jets vs. Bengals

The Jets may have the best defense in the league right now. The Bengals are keeping Carson Palmer under wraps, and won’t be helped by the loss of Chris Henry, one of my favorite receivers.

Winner –Jets
Ravens vs. Pats

The Ravens’ defense suffered with the loss of Rex Ryan, but they more than compensated with Joe Flacco and company. The Patriots, like the Bengals, will suffer with the loss of Wes Welker.

Winner –Ravens
Jets  vs.Colts 

I attended this rivalry in Baltimore in the Unitas-Namath days. The roles are reversed. Manning will let it fly and Sanchez will dink and dunk.

 Winner – Colts
Ravens vs. Chargers

Two high powered offenses will be at work here. The Chargers have more weapons.

Winner –Chargers
Chargers vs. Colts

Again, two high flying offenses. But the Chargers have more firepower, despite having the Colts having the best quarterback in the league.

 Winner –Chargers
Packers vs. Cardinals

Kurt Warner still has enough left in his tank to get it to Larry Fitgerald.  The Packers will put up a fight, though.

Winner – Cardinals
Eagles vs. Cowboys

Tony Romo and company are on a roll and the game is in Dallas. The Eagles have to have lost confidence by the thumping the Cowboys gave them last week, even though they have a lot of weapons.

Winner –Cowboys
Cardinals vs. Saints

The Saints haven’t looked too good of late.  The Cardinals have a potent offense.
Winner – Cardinals
Cowboys vs. Vikings

The game will be in Minnesota.  Advantage, Favre and Petersen, even though the Cowboys are on a roll. 
Winner – Vikings
Cardinals vs. Vikings

The Cardinals are good, but not that good.  The Vikings will make the effort to win a Super Bowl, finally.

 Winner –Vikings
Super Bowl

Vikings vs. Chargers

It is time Norv Turner got his due. He has a lot of fuel in San Diego.  Favre, Harvin and Petersen will try to light it up, but Norv finally wins his Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Champs – Chargers



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2 responses to “NFL Playoff Predictions, Including My Super Bowl Winner

  1. Eddie B

    well maybe the Viks then

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