The Madden game helps me predict the Super Bowl winner

I missed a lot of Super Bowls this decade because I was overseas and couldn’t get the telecast. So I am really looking foward to having the traditional Super Bowl fest with my boys today here in snowy SW Virginia.

The only Super Bowl I managed to watch live while abroad was the last one involving the Indianapolis Colts. I was invited to watch in the basement of a local sports pub along with the local American football team. The game finished up about 4 am and I went on to work. 

Neither of my Super Bowl picks, the Chargers or the Vikings, made the big dance, so it is time to pick again. Who will win in my view?

I have played the game seven  times using the Madden 2010 football game.  I have been playing a lot of  this game with my boys. It is a good way to bond with them, and fill the football void I feel after missing the game after all these years.

The Colts have won six  times, and the Saints once.  My results aren’t very scientific because I am not the most adept player of the game. My youngest son has become an all-pro while I am still trying to get out of training camp.  But some factors have stood out to me while playing:

Peyton Manning -he is, as Chris Collinsworth says while giving commentary during the Madden contests, the best quarterback in the game. One of the games was solely run by the computer. Neither I nor my boys participated. Although the computer made Manning look like a dunce, he stil almost brought the Colts back from a huge deficit. He just ran out of time. Final score: Saints 44, Colts 37. 

Manning is the key to this game. If he is on, you can kiss the Saints’s  chances goodbye.  Even if the Saints have a late lead, Manning will bring the Colts back to win.

Reggie Bush – I tried to feed the ball to Bush as much as possible when I played as the Saints. Unfortunately, I fell behind and gave up. He wasn’t doing very well with me as his coach. But by the  end of the game I had figured out how to throw to him and he began to light it up. It was too late, though. 

Bush is inconsistent, but he showed he could take over a game in the NFC playoffs.   He could give the Colts fits if he decides to play. 

Turnovers – in all the games I played with Madden, these were a factor.  Both defenses created interceptions and took some to the house. When I play my youngest son in Madden, he likes to use the controller to strip the ball and cause my players to fumble. He has figured out how to do that with the controller.  

The Saints defense under Gregg Williams is one that is aggressive and seeks to create turnovers just as my son does.  However, the Colts also have a defense good enough to create them.

Colts defense – as mentioned above, they have a good defense. They don’t get enough credit. If Manning has a bad day, then they could still keep the Colts in the game.

Summary and Prediction

The Colts and Saints are similar. They both have explosive offenses led by great quarterbacks and good receivers.  Their running backs are adequate. They both have good, but not great defenses. 

However, I think the Colts are superior to the Saints. The Colts are number 1, and the Saints are 1a.  Once when I was in a European city I thought of the town as a “poor man’s America”.  The city had some similar characteristics to its counterparts in the States. But it still wasn’t an American town.  It was trying, but it wasn’t there yet. This is how I see the Saints. They have some characteristics similar to the top dog Colts, but they haven’t reached equality yet.

I hate to admit this because I am a native of Baltimore and I have not forgiven the Colts for sneaking out of town in the middle of the night in the 198os. But I think they will manhandle the Saints. Manning will shred their defense. The Colts defense will create turnovers.   It will be a blowout, reminiscent of many of the Super Bowls of the past.

Enjoy the snacks. Colts 44, Saints 24.



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3 responses to “The Madden game helps me predict the Super Bowl winner

  1. Tom

    I dunno, I think the Saints have a chance if Brees is protected. Just my two cents. I predict the Saints in an upset 31-17.

  2. Randy

    I think Tom is spot on. LOL Where was he before I could place my bet at the local casino.

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