The Super Bowl Was Americana Supreme

The Super Bowl is an American celebration, a feast day of sorts.  I have missed out on it for several years because I have been living abroad. So I wanted to make a point of having a little family Super Bowl party last night.

I went to Kroger about an hour before game time and it was packed.  I picked up the requisite snacks and headed home. My wife and oldest son came home with the fixings for pizza.  Despite setting off the smoke alarm, we had a nice evening.  Here are my impressions of the night.

The pregame  — Queen Latifah did a nice job singing America the Beautiful.  Carrie Underwood was flat.  I couldn’t buy into Peyton Manning trying to look tough and say, “We’re back.”  He just isn’t the gangster type.

The Game — I surprisingly found myself bored during the first half.  My youngest son wanted to know why I was reading the Sunday paper.  When the second half kickoff approached, I watched with the same kind of attention a viewer gives to TV commercials. I thought I knew what to expect: same old basic kickoff.  Then came the onsides kick. I didn’t even see it; I only heard the broadcaster yell it and then I saw a bunch of bodies and chaos.  I was interested now!

What a gutsy call.  It turned the game around.   As expected, Peyton Manning made me worry the Colts would come back even though they were down by two touchdowns. (I was rooting for the Saints.)  Other than the onsides kick, the play of the night was Terry Porter’s interception, one he took  to the house. A great game. 

I missed my prediction of a Colts blowout by a long shot. I also missed some factors: Joseph Addai running wild for the Colts; key dropped passes by receivers: Drew Brees imitating Peyton Manning; last but not least — the coaching moxie of Sean Payton.

The halftime show — I couldn’t helped giggling watching The Who.  Who were those old so-and-sos up there? I told my kids that 40 years ago they had long hair and wore no shirts. What a debacle!  Get a real job. Guys, I won’t get fooled again!

The commercials -I couldn’t figure out why there were so many naked men in commercials.  What a gross out.  Most  of them were weird. I could only figure the producers were weird themselves. I usually don’t like E-trade baby commercials,  but the added characters made them somewhat humourous.

Not having a TV the last few years, and not being exposed to American culture, the Super Bowl was an immersion in and reentry to American culture.


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