Add bloggers to the other list of crazies

Frankie is a blogger who suddenly starts experiencing bleeding and bruising in the most recent episode of  the medical drama “House”.  She has readers around the globe and has a tight, symbiotic relationship with them.

Frankie keeps her blogging world informed of all the details of her life. She describes the doctors.  For example, she offends Dr. Foreman, the ambitious African American physician of the House team, by writing on her blog that he is “condescending”.

The “House” writers get it right when they portray her as a person who wants to share her authentic self on her blog.  I can sympathize with that characterization.  I know that transparency is very important to a blogger.  You have to share your real self, your true heart — to a point.

This is where this episode, called “Private Lives”, goes awry for me.  Frankie begins to consult her readers on the treatment choices presented to her.  For instance, when the doctor team determines she needs  a new heart valve, she is told that she can have one from a pig or one that is made of plastic.  The pig valve will allow her to have children, yet require further surgery far into the future.  The plastic valve, however, will cause risk to future pregnancies.

Her husband wants in on the medical decisions, but Frankie wants to consult her readers.  Her husband tells her not to expect her there when she wakes up.  It is not until Frankie almost dies that she comes to her senses and lets her husband back into her world.

Frankie has taken her blogging to an awful extreme.  Bloggers do need to share themselves,  but not every detail needs to be public. Nor should a person who writes a blog make life and death decisions based on the opinion of an uknown reader from Singapore. 

As a Christian, I am used to having people of faith revealed as drunks, secret lechers and crazies in movies and TV shows.  As a male and a father, I also am numbed to my ilk being portrayed as incompetent dunces. Now I have to suffer through TV shows that show bloggers in a similar light.  None of the roles I play in this world are esteemed in the eyes of writers and producers these days.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the “House” program.  Other than sports it about the only thing I care to watch on TV. I can relate to Gregory Houses’s  curmudgeon character because I carry the same traits. The search for solutions to medical problems appeals to my analytical nature. The regular characters on the show are superb.

I also know that taking characteristics to extremes makes for a good story. I just wish these writers would leave me some dignity somewhere!


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