20th Century Alternate History Brainstorm


In the 1900s

Videos were available in 1900

President McKinley was not assasinated in 1901, and  Teddy Roosevelt remains Vice President of the USA 

Einstein had died before proposing his theory of relativity in 1905

In the 1910s

Hip hop was the norm in 1910

Standard Oil is not broken up as a monopoly in 1911

Health food was the craze in 1912 instead of the Oreo

The personal income tax in the USA was never introduced in 1913

No income tax?

 Archduke Ferdinand was not assasinated in 1914

The Whites had won the Russian Revolution instead of the Reds in 1917

In the 1920s

Women were never given the right to vote in the USA in 1920

Hitler never gets out of jail in 1923

After the Scope Monkey Trial in 1925 the public schools include Creationism their curriculum

TV is introduced before talking movies in 1927

The stock market doesn’t collapse in 1929

In the 1930s

America the Beautiful” becomes the national anthem instead of the “Star Spangled Banner” in 1931

John Maynard Keynes introduces the “Trickle Down Economics” of David Stockman in 1935

Neville Chamberlain’s Britain declares war on Hitler’s Germany in 1938

In the 1940s

The Nazis had won the Battle of Britain in 1940

Roosevelt decides the Manhattan Project is a waste of money and time in 1941

The laptop is introduced in 1944

The United Nations never gets off the ground in 1945

The abaya is introduced in the US in 1946

The abaya instead of the bikini in 1946?

The Dead Sea Scrolls remain buried in a cave in 1947

Dewey DOES defeat Truman in 1948

China stays capitalist in 1949

In the 1950s

The credit card never catches on in 1950

DNA remains undiscovered in 1953

Segregation in the USA remains legal in 1954

Actor James Dean survives his car accident in 1955

Grace Kelly decides not to marry the Prince of Monaco in 1956

Castro loses the Cuban civil war in 1959

In the 1960s

The Kennedy-Nixon debates are not televised in 1960

Europe launches the first man into space in 1961

Nelson Mandela is released in 1964

The U.S. stays pulls out of Vietnam in 1965

“Star Trek” is pulled after one episode in 1966

The Arabs win the Six-Day War against Israel in 1967

Edward Kennedy doesn’t drive of the Chappaquidick Bridge in 1969

In the 1970s

The Watergate break in is called off in 1972

Abortion remains illegal in 1973

Microsoft doesn’t get off the ground in 1975

Iran refuses the return of Ayotolah Khomeini in 1979

In the 1980s

PlayStation is introduced in 1981

Mikhail Gorbachev calls for an intense Cold War in 1985

No perestroika in the 1980s?

The Berlin Wall stays up in 1989

In the 1990s

South Africa keeps its apartheid laws in 1991

People lose interest in the Internet in 1993

Scientists clone a human in 1997

The countries of of Europe keep their own currencies in 1999

The Euro never comes to be


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