A Finnish Journalist Needs to Do His Own Research

Occasionally, when I read the Helsinki Sanomat, the main Finnish news outlet, I get steamed. I get aggravated when ignorance about America spews forth from its website.
I keep up with Finnish news because I just recently moved to Virginia from there after several years living in the country.  I know the politics leans to the left there, but it doesn’t make it any easier to read the drivel I sometimes I encounter on the Sanomat site.
The most recent case  that got my dander up was an article called “Politics of Hate Changes USA” by one Olli Kivinen.   In this column, Mr. Kivinen exclusively attacks the Republican Party, making sweeping generalizations.  These stereotypical statements include  such commments as, “The Republican Party has been taken hostage by its right wing.”  In addition, Mr. Kivinen blames Republicans for stirring up violence against Democrats, a common generalized media assertion in the USA with not much evidential support. He also refers to another author who asks what it is that has turned the GOP into a party of hate.   
I am not surprised when I read this junk.  The media usually tilts left, and in Finland the tilt is more like the leaning Tower of Pisa. 
Such lack of comprehension of American culture and politics still makes me mad, though, especially when it is published in the main news outlet of Finland as some kind of gospel truth about my country.
I got so teed off that I wrote Mr. Kivenen the following E-mail:
“Dear Sir,
Until recently I lived in Finland with my Finnish wife and children.
You obviously are either ignorant of American politics, or are extremely biased in your political views.
If you cared enough to do the research, you would find that Democrats have been engaging in hate for years, masking it in political correctness. Their policies helped lead to the mortgage crisis here, and have kept minorities locked in poverty. I am not particularly happy with Republicans either, but singling them out shows basically you are a leftist. I would have been better if you had issued a disclaimer to that effect in your comments.”
The Sanomat journalist took the time to reply:
“Dear Sir,
Thank you very much for your comments. The feedback I have received confirms very well, how polarized U.S. situation is; I am also happy of the support I have seen for my views from the U.S. Leftist I am not, and as you know, beeing a liberal is not considered as something of a mortal sin in this country, not being a leftist, either.
Best regards and Hyvää Pääsiäistä (Happy Easter).
I have to say that Mr. Kivinen was more gracious than I.  I responded and thanked him for his kind reply.  But the fact remains that many Finnish journalists just repeat the propanganda they get from the American media, which is probably at least 90% Democratic in voter registration. They interpret of course with a particular Finnish cultural twist that most of their readers will sympathize with and probably agree with, also.
I suppose this is to be expected.  The American media is full of misinterpretations and biases about other nations.  This fact  still doesn’t make it any easier to take when I read things like this column in the Helsinki Sanomat. 

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