Five things around my computer

As I sit here in the coffee shop, I am surrounded by five things that are symbolic of what is important to me.  They surround my laptop like planets circling the sun.

My laptop is the sun of this universe because I love to write.  But this post is about the satellites revolving around it.

On my left is my cup of Starbucks coffee.  Somewhere along the way I became a coffee connoisseur.  I appreciate good coffee. Generally, in America I think Starbucks has the best.

In front of that is a grande cup of water. When I was working in the Middle East I got used to drinking water with my Turkish coffee. I have continued the habit to this day. But water is more than just an accessory to my coffee. It is life itself. I feel much better when I drink plenty of it. I can thank my wife for that.

To my right, on a little ledge, are my glasses. They have accompanied me on many a journey the last several years. In fact, they are six-years old. I’m long overdue for a new prescription, but these glasses I have now were expensive and I just can’t afford to replace them. They keep hanging in there with me like an old friend.

In front of the glasses, in a plastic bag, is a new buddy. It is Edward de Bono’s exercise book on creative thinking. Just the other day I combined some random words from the book which led me to a possible housesitting situation. We need a place to live for a couple weeks in August before our new rental becomes available, and a good may be there as a result of this little book.

Finally, at my feet in another plastic bag is my daily newspaper. When I moved here from Finland one of  the first things I did was subscribe. I just love the crinkly paper with newsprint. I love the news anyway, and my method of obtaining it these days is mainly through the Internet. Still, there is enough of the retro in me to grab up my paper from its tube as I leave the house in the morning. Kudos to my faithful newspaper deliver folks.

Gotta have my coffee, my water, my glasses, my de Bono and my paper. They all get me into my slow new day.


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