A World Without Starbucks

I drove up to the Starbucks at University City Boulevard in Blacksburg.  As usual, I got my laptop out of the trunk and walked past the cafe tables outside and toward the door.

I pulled on it and it didn’t give. It was locked. I checked the time on my cell phone and thought,”It’s 8 am. What gives?”.

Then I read the sign on the door. It said,”Starbucks has ceased operating as of July 13, 2010.  We have appreciated your business.”

I was shocked. “My Starbucks…”. 

I thought maybe they were in trouble.  They had started offering 1/2 price cold drinks after 2 p.m. to customers who brought in a receipt from the morning.  Only a store in dire straits would have such an expensive promotion. But an abrupt shutdown…

I had gone to the local Blockbuster in the winter during a snowstorm to get a video and a similar situation occurred.  When I went to view the videos, I noticed they were all for sale. The clerk told me they were shutting down.

With Blockbuster and Starbucks gone, I think the economy must be in trouble.

I don’t drink alchohol as a rule, but Starbucks had become something of a bar to me.  First of all, its main business was coffee, which I adore.

Second, it was a relaxing place where I could write.  I have written tons of blog posts, fictional pieces, and other text at Starbucks.

There music has even inspired my writing. I include lyrics from the songs coming over the loudspeakers as support material for my themes.

Third, I could surf the Internet there.  We have none at home. We can’t get it.

Indeed, Starbucks has something else lacking at home at the moment: furniture. At least at Starbucks I could sit down in comfort!

I have been at Starbucks so much that they sent me a gold card, unsolicited.  I don’t know what I am going to do.

In about a month we are moving to a new place. This one I suspect will have furniture, and eventually Internet. I also have several packs of European coffee and a coffee machine. 

I think I will open a home Starbucks on Capistrano Avenue.


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