High School Days Aren’t Here to Stay –in the Head Anyway

My youngest daughter enters high school in a little over a month.  She will go there just after we move, so it will be a little crazy for all of us.

I suppose our personal chaos fits right into our county’s, what with the local high school building uninhabitable. Our glorious school board, after much public debate, decided to ship the middle schoolers to the next town over and move the high schoolers into the middle school building.

It’s almost brand new, so if I were a local high schooler, I’d be ecstatic. Their old building to me resembled a cross  between a state prison and a factory.

Which brings me to my old high school.  Glen Burnie High was not that new when I was a kid, but I think they are still using it. It’s been upstaged by more modern schools in my old county, though.

In my middle age, I don’t remember much about my high school years.  Oh, my participations still stick out: marching band, newspaper. I was probably the worst French Horn player in school history, but I wrote sports pretty well.

I even got a gig as a sports stringer with one of the oldest newspapers in the country. This led to a call-in report of my high school’s sports to a radio station each week.

However, the relationships have faded, unfortunately. My closest friend is no longer a friend, mainly due to my own incompetence.  He called regularly enough over the years, but the relationship became rather one sided — for him.  So…I don’t here from him anymore.

I have contacted a couple old friends from church on Facebook I haven’t seen in about 35 years. One of them even offered to put me up if I ever came to town. “We have plenty of room,” he wrote.  He’s s a swell  guy.

I had no teachers of note, which troubles me because I am a teacher now.  My students can hardly remember what I consider a stellar assignment or lesson, so I don’t hold out much hope they’ll remember me.  In fact, some of them have a hard time remembering their teachers’ names at all now.

High school was cool while it lasted I guess, but it’s hardly even a memory now. I guess that just teaches that you have to enjoy your experiences as you are going through them, and not worry too much about the future.

That’s a good lesson to relay to my daughter as she starts high school.


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