I used to think…

I used to think that Christians were the “cats meow.” They were people pursuing God, good people, as I saw it.

However, the years have shown me this is not true. Many of the Christians I have met are well meaning. However, by the same token, they are as lost as the people they are trying to save.

I count myself among them. I have sought to follow Jesus Christ for lo these many years, and have found that life is one big crap shoot at times. I am picking my way through the fog just like the next fellow.

As I grapple my way, though, I am learning something. It is the lostness that is helping me to know God better.

I know I don’t have it all together. I know I need help. I am convinced that the answers lie not in myself or other flawed believers, but in the God of the Bible.

I have learned that this God is not a God of health and wealth, of good time Charley. He is one who makes demands of me.

God is One who expects me to live for Him, and do it in a holy fashion. He is doing everything in His power (which is infinite, whoa nelly) to bring that about.

As a result, in my middle age I feel like I have gone ten rounds with a grizzly bear. This is because I am a slow learner. I’m a dense male human.

Perhaps before I pass out of here I will get it. I hope for my sake, for the sake of my wife and kids, and for the sake of those in my sphere of influence I do.

Most of all, though, I hope I get it for Jesus sake. After all, this is what He wants of me in this life before I say adieu.


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