Why I am glad I got out of bed this morning

Some days it doesn’t pay to get out of bed.  Yesterday was one of those days, for many reasons I won’t go into.

This is the last day before classes begin where I teach, so I wasn’t in a particular rush to get to work today. Therefore, after an exhausting day yesterday  I decided to sleep in.

I suppose I could have stayed in bed all day. However, I would have missed a big event in my family’s life.

Today we met an extremely kind and gracious man. He is the principal of a private local school which interests us. We are considering sending our children there.

When we met him, we didn’t know what to expect. Being male myself, and having the curmudgeon gene, I wasn’t expecting what encountered, though.

This man explained his school’s philosophy and its impact on the kids. He explained its growth. The principal also discussed his own role in assisting the children there in their growth, and how the job fit him like a glove.

What impressed me most about him was his kindness.  He listened to our own history and issues, and told us to rest easy.  He and his school would help us.

Of course, had I stayed in bed I would have also missed driving like crazy to make this appointment  in the pooring rain, and through the construction all over town (we were late), and being rear ended by a young man on the way to work (thankfully, there was no damage.)

Overall, however, I am glad I got out of bed. This gentleman gave me hope.


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