Summer is a state of mind

Labor Day has come and gone, and with it the summer. Summer, I hardly knew thee. I spent most of it working my tail off.

There were some fond remembrances though. Here are a few:

At the ballpark of our local minor league team with my son, looking at the mountains

Introducing some international students from South America, Japan and the Middle East to the same experience

Enjoying the view from the deck of our housesitting experience out in the country

Viewing this house in an historic African American community of Roanoke, Virginia

Finding some symbolism of my life at the Virginia Museum of Transportation

Watching my son enjoy the model train at the same museum..

as did his Dad, especially the mock up of Roanoke (including his favorite soda pop)

My Dad worked on the railroad, and his grandson has a chance to view its history

I loved the Burma Shave road signs from a bygone era

You can never escape the Virginia Tech Hokies around here

I could even catnap in a caboose

There was one last hike-Mountain Lake

...which may be dry for a generation

There was a look at a covered bridge on the way home from the lake

Summer is dead, but there's still life in the fall I guess

 Yeah, summer ain’t endless, but that’s ok.  Other than the above remembrances, it was a ton of work.

Labor Day evening I went to a picnic with my family, ironically at the same park shelter my workplace uses for student graduations.  I couldn’t even get away from my workplace at a church picnic. The place is called “Caboose Park”, also ironic given the picture of me lounging around in the photo above.  

I choose to think of that picnic as an entry into a better autumn instead of as the end of a summer with only spotty recreation. I met some great people at this park, had some roasted pork from a nearby farm that had simmered for 20 hours, and enjoyed the cool of the evening.

Maybe my real summer comes now.


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