Reentry shock

Today, as the air is cool and crisp, I am reminded of Finland. I hear they had a hot summer there this year, but the weather today is more of what I am used to.

I miss Finland. I don’t miss everything about it, but I miss a lot. I miss the climate, believe it or not. It has been referred to as “harsh”, but I liked it.

Mainly, I miss the even-keeled lifestyle.  I didn’t do a lot in Finland, but a lot wasn’t required of me. I had the whole summer off, for instance.

America is different. It is Thursday and my face feels like a squashed prune.  In addition to work, I have driven all over creation to different activities involving myself and my family members.

It is almost an expectation in America that one becomes “involved”.  Last night my wife and I were discussing whether or not we should add an activity on Thursday nights for both of your younger kids. I began to sweat even at the thought of it.

I’m not the same guy who left the country at the beginning of the new century. I have learned to enjoy a slower pace, and I feel America is constantly pushing me to “do, do, do”.

Today our students and teachers will attend a culture shock workshop. Ostensibly, it is for the students who have just moved here. It’s supposed to teach them about what happens to you when you move into a new culture.

Frankly, I think I might get more out of it than they will.


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