Scaredy cat

This morning as I sat outside our house in my car, waiting for the kids to come out so I could take them to school, a cat entered our yard.  I had a cat as a child which was a real part of the family, so I have positive feelings toward them.

This one I decided to have some fun with. I have a standing rule on animals and insects. When they enter my domain, they are mine.  The bugs I usually extinguish. However, kitty kats are a different story. I like to play with them.

This particular car, white with orange markings, entered our space in a stalking manner. I had no idea what this feline was hunting for, but I heard some birds and I wondered if there might be an injured on in our bushes (or “booshes”, as they say across the state line in West Virginia).

I had bad memories of our cat Whitney carrying around dead bird carcasses in his mouth and I had no appetite this mornng for watching this neighbor cat satisfy his own. Plus, as I said, I wanted to amuse myself.

Thus, I began to make hissing noises from my car. This startled the cat and he removed himself from his stalking stance and got into a sitting position. He just sat there, staring at nothing in particular, but on alert. It was code orange in kitty land.

Then my son came out. The cat made motions to run away, but stayed put.

My son began to worry that the cat was going to poop in our yard. I told him not to worry about it, since he was next to the bushes. (I suppose we could have used the fertilizer.)

I began to hiss again. However, at this point I think the cat had caught on and just sat there, chewing on a branch from one of our bushes. In retrospect, I think this must have been one hungry kitty.

The episode ended when my daughter came out. The cat took one look at her and for some reason went streaking back the way it came, at least two yards over. My son seemed to take pleasure in the fact that it was the appearance of his sister, and not his, that made the cat do a runner.

I put the car into gear, and off we went to the kids’ school.  I guess it doesn’t take much for me to entertain myself these days.


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