Forgo Kids? You’re crazy

Today is the birthday of my son Lukas., He popped into the world about this time 12 years ago.

Lukas is the youngest of my four children. As a man in my 50s, he is kind of a child of my old age.

I think I know how Jacob in the Bible felt.  He had Joseph and Benjamin later in life and apparently loved them dearly.  When I had my younger children, I said I would be a “grandad Dad”, and here I am.

I can’t do things with Lukas a younger father can do, like engage in some full scale wrestling on the floor. However, he has his 24 year old brother for that. He can also have punching matches with his 14-year old sister. His older sister, 22, plays games with him a lot.

I suppose I could have forgone having children, but life would have been much more of a drag without them.

Without kids, my life would be more lonely. They say blood is thicker than water, and it’s true. You know your family is there for you in thick and thin. Sure we battle like it’s 1944, but we know we love each other.

Second, life would be less happy without my children. Kids provide you with laughs, fun, celebrations. Once Lukas was heading out the door to  school in Finland, were we lived at the time. He had some trouble with bullies there and on his way out, his mother said to him,”Go kick some butt!”  Lukas’s reply was,”Do I have to?”.  The incident was hilarious and memorable.

Finally, children make life more fulfilling. Life without them would leave a hole in the soul. There’s more to live than money and career. Watching your children grow and having a relationship with them is what it’s all about.

Love. Happiness. Fulfillment. I can’t understand exactly why people decide to give up the enjoyment and advantages of having kids. They don’t know what they’re missing.


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