Normal? This is Normal!

We all want to live normal lives. However, I think we ought to be careful what we wish for.

What is normal? It’s what is typical. It’s the principle on which everyone operates.

In American society, what is considered to be “normal” is health, wealth and success. We’re all supposed to have two cars in the garage, a house in the suburbs and a chicken in every pot.

The reality is quite different. In fact, I would suffer to say that what is normal in life is suffering.

This morning I awoke to thunder, lightning and rain. The previous five days have been picture perfect. We have had sun, blue skies, low humidity and temperatures in the 70s. Today I am to drive my student’s to the mountains.

My Starbuck’s barista called it “Murphy’s Law”. I had forgotten that term. I’ve been abroad.

What is typical is financial struggle: having to pay the rent and utilities and coming up short. I swear, I believe most of the commercials on TV are aimed at the few and far between well-to-do.  Who can afford a Lexus, a Mercedes or a trip to Hawaii.

Disease is the norm. Having a doctor’s office tell you to rush to a specialist right away because they found something in your test is the reality of life, not standing on Mount Suribachi enjoying the view.

Even the mail is flawed. (Why is that a surprise? I think we all know that is normal.) I have been awaiting some important medicine for over a week. UPS lost it.

Not every kid is going to become the quarterback. And who wants them to these days.  I think those who follow the Pittsburgh Steelers and Minnesota Vikings have to be wondering about the character of their field generals these days.

What we think is normal ain’t normal. We’ve been brainwashed by our pop culture media and other aspects of our society to think life is peaches and cream.

Sorry, but I think it’s more like spinach and liver.


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