I have been diagnosed as a phlegmatic. It can be observed that a the root word for this condition forms a word that pertains to sticky mucus.

That’s pretty much the description of my personality. I really have a hard time getting going on things, such as special projects.

A phlegmatic person is characterized by not wanting to get involved. He or she has a cold and apathetic indifference to things. At its worst, this condition can lead to what one of my high school mates called a “pervasive air of disgust.”

For years I have wanted to write a novel. I spent two years plotting one (“plotting” mind you, not “writing”.)  The topic of my novel was a good one in my opinion: it had a science fiction and spiritual theme. Alas, the document on my computer disappeared somewhere into cyberspace.

Far be it from me to begin it again. Who do you think I am, William Carey? (This is the man credited with being the first modern missionary. He lived in India in the late 18th century, where he translated the Bible into the native language. When he lost his manuscript in a fire, which burned up years of work, he just started over.)

Now I am faced with another novel writing project. My wife has even good set deadlines for me, one for a first draft (coming up soon), and one for the publishable document.

Her mantra for me is “just start writing”. It’s good advice.

I actually took it earlier this year. I developed an idea and actually wrote some introductory paragraphs. Then the project bogged down. I think I lost interest in the topic, a fatal condition for completing a novel.

Now I am wrestling over a topic that will command my attention for the next several months. I am doing creative exercises using random words to develop one. I have a couple ideas.

But the best thing I can do is to just start writing. The word for today is “ATTACK”. That’s the remedy for my gooey personality.


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  1. Pam Fruit

    Looking forward to reading your novel!

    GO FOR IT!

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