Random thoughts about the first Thanksgiving

“The First Thanksgiving”,
painted by Jean Leon Gerome Ferris (1863–1930).

Some random thoughts about this painting:

1)With two cultures coming together, the first Thanksgiving was a little like an international potluck. I have been to a number of them since I have been working with international students for a number of years.  I’ve been introduced to kimchi, sushi, and a variety of other dishes through these events.

2) Even then, there was a dog hanging around the table looking for scraps. There was also a little kid looking to torture the dog.

3) No one looks like their talking to someone else. That’s typical at a Thanksgiving meal.

4) There’s nothing like food to bring people together. Even our modern Thanksgivings have warring parties who gather to eat that repast.

5) I think considering number 4, we should adopt having an armed soldier at our family gatherings like these people did.

6) The guy behind the left shoulder of the Indian taking food from the woman looks like he has nodded off. This is also typical. 

7) Where’s the American football? Perhaps they got on their horses and carried a dead goat carcass around.

8) Is the guy with the white beard and cap in the back a pastor. It figures they shunted him to the rear.

9) I think the young man to the pastor’s left has the hots for the young black-haired womn to the pastor’s right. How convenient that they have a legal person to marry them in between. The lady speaking in the young woman’s ear is probably trying to talk her out of getting involved with the fellow. After all, aren’t all men louses. 

10) I think the phlegmatic man in the black hat, behind the pastor, must be trying to get the score of the ballgame from his radio, since the hosts obviously could care less. Or maybe he’s back there so he can take a smoke.

Stay tuned for the Chrismas painting.


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