Thanksgiving Quiz

Thanksgiving Quiz

Choose the best answer

1) The first Thanksgiving feast in America took place in

a) Jamestown      b) Plymouth     c) Newark     d) Baltimore

2)  The people who came together to celebrate the first Thanksgiving were:

a) The Pilgrims and the Wampanoag b) The English and the Powhatan c) The U.S. Calvary and the Apaches d) The Hokies and the Roanoke

3)  The first official proclamation of Thansgiving in the United States was made by

a) Millard Fillmore     b) Abraham Lincoln     c) George Washington     d) Theodore Roosevelt

4)  The person who wanted to make the turkey the national bird was

a) Pocahontas     b) Dolly Madison      c) Tom Delay     d) Benjamin Franklin

5) The woman who conducted a letter writing campaign to make the last Thursday of November a national Thanksgiving holiday was

a) Abigail Adams     b) Susan B. Anthony     c) Michelle Obama     d) Sarah Hale

6)  President Lincoln declared a national day of thanksgiving during the Civil War after the Union victories at

a)Salem and Roanake     b) Malibu and Huntington Beach     c) Vicksburg and Gettysburg  d) Shiloh and Chicamagua    

7)  The president who signed legislation to make the fourth Thursday in November an official government holiday was

a) Franklin D. Roosevelt     b)  George Wallace    c) Jefferson B. Davis     d) William McKinley

8) The president who was the first to officially pardon a turkey was

a) Bill Clinton  b) George W. Bush  c) George H.W. Bush  d) Richard Nixon

9) The Virginia Tech sports teams were originally called

a) The Pecans     b) The Pumpkinheads  c) The Gobblers  d) The Hokies

10) The two cities that host traditional Thanksgiving Day professional football games are

a) Dallas and Detroit b) LA and Los Alamos     c) Pittsburgh and Philadephia     d) Boston and Baltimore

Scroll down for the correct answers










1)  a     2) b.     3)  c.     4) d.     5) d.     6) c.     7) a.     8) c.     9) c.     10)  a.

If you got the following number of answers correct:

9 or 10 -you are a Thanksgiving aficionado

8-you get the drumstick

7- you can sit at the big people’s table

6-no pumpkin pie for you!

5 or less -you have to do the dishes: by yourself



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