Super Bowl diary until halftime

After grading  papers all afternoon, I am now watching the Super Bowl.  My bag of chips is awaiting, after dinner.

With about 8 minutes left in the 1st quarter, the most exciting thing has been a muffed punt by the Packers, who recovered it. So far, it’s typically boring.

My sons are all sitting around watching the game with me. My youngest was yelling how awful Christina Aquilara was in singing the National Anthem.

I told him I didn’t want to hear him complain all game. Then I checked a headline and found the boy was right. She screwed up the song, singing “what so proudly we watched” instead of “so proudly we hailed”.

Boy these commercials are violent. It figures, since they are advertising some cop show on the Fox Network.

All right! The Pack are over the 50, now down to almost the Steeler 30.  I really don’t like either team, but I hate the Steelers, who are the enemy of my Baltimore Ravens.

TD PACK! Nice pass and catch at 3:44. 7-zip.

These million buck commercials are as boring as most of the game has been.

Sad to listen to Troy Aikman, knowing he just split from his wife. He supposedly was once the most eligible bachelor in Dallas.

Ahhh, the old block in the back penalty. Happens all the  time it seems anymore.

Hmmm, one car commercial was a little interesting. A car being helicoptered to a waiting yacht is stolen by Poseidon, who is then ripped off by an alien spaceship, which is then ….

Ooops! Pick six Pack. Could it be blow out?

My son just said “oh, flag on the field.” Unsportsmanlike conduct for excessive celebration. Ridiculous! The No Fun League.

Well, it’s relatively inconsequential. Steelers begin on their own 36.

I predicted Rashard Mendenhall would be a threat. He’s proving me right so for. Nice run.

Another penalty. Man, the Steelers look awful so far. Punts, interceptions and flags.

Aikman just called them “frazzled”.

Oooh! Big Ben is hobbling after a crummy pass and slipping. Nice stadium, Jerry Jones.

He just hobbled all the way to a first down.

‘Gap integrity?. Thanks Troy. All of us fans appreciate the technical aspects of the game.

Wow, a local car dealer ad. Bet that cost him a pretty penny.

Nice break up of a pass by the Pack. 14:13 in the second quarter. Third down. Now first down.

Joe Buck,”Another big 3rd down.” Short. Here comes Sean Suisham, the old Skin. It’s good. 14-3.

Stupid beer commercial. A cowpoke singin an Elton John song in a saloon. My oldest son know the topic of the next commercial before I even got interested: Transformers 3.

The chips just got moved out of sight. Hey, we’re moving  toward halftime!

Some of these commercials are just too “techie” and complicated and weird. Motorola.

3rd and 5 for the Pack. Right at the marker. Punt time.

Man, hobble, hobble, hobble. Another player goes off. Will anyone be left standing at the end of the game (besides Big Ben that is.)

Uh oh. Charles Woodson is out. And a holding penalty for Green Bay. Not a good start to the second half for the Pack.

Ugh. False Start. Send them back to Lambeau.

Good gain, but the receiver slipped. What is the deal with this field?

A drop. These receivers! I wish I had a dollar for every time I have seen drops this season.

Looks like a personal foul. Stupid. Give the game away, just like the Ravens did.

I agree, Ozzie Ozbourne. What’s a Bieber?

Mendenhall’s out after a big run. Injury upon injury.

Wow. The Steelers have a significant time of possession advantage. This could be bad for Green Bay in the 4th quarter, when their D gets tired.

!st and goal. Mendenhall scores! We have a whole new ball game at about the 10 minute mark of the 3rd quarter. Lotsa football left.

Another complicated commercial. Coke, a dragon, fireworks, characters that look like they are of Lord of the Rings. Sheesh.

And a kid in a Darth Vader outfit.

Great, we get to hear about Ben R’s sexual assault charge while my 12 year old watches. Thanks Joe Buck.  The National Felons League.

Hold by Virginian Heath Miller. Do your state proud, boy!

Wow, nice pass Ben. Maybe it’ll be close at halftime.

You can’t count the Steelers out. They came back against the Ravens in the playoffs. Bums.

That play just looked like a rugby scrum.

That’s a diving catch for former Skin Antwaan Randle El. Why couldn’t these guys who played for Washington do something when they were with my favorite team?

Timeout, Steelers.

The announcer just said The Black Eyed Peas will play at halftime. I am getting hungry, and I don’t even like that food.

Another pick by Big Ben. It’s a rainy night in Georgia, Roethlisberger.

Nice catch and run, Greg Jennings, even though it only gained 2 yard. It should’ve gained nothing.

Aaron Rodgers is on.

Wow, I can’t believe this rookie Starks just ran for 11 yards. Curtains Steelers.

Man, Greg Jennings took another shot and still scored a TD! Nice play.

 21-3. The Steelers came back from 21-7 against the Ravens, but I don’t know they will do that tonight. The Packers are just playing too well.

One of these stars during the hypefest before the game was asked who would win, and they said,”Whoever wants it more.” Looks like the Packers want it more.

Wow another big catch by former Skin Randle El. Where were you in Washington, man? If he was a little younger, perhaps he might’ve run for a touchdown.

One commercial after another. Can’t even follow them. They need to improve these things. Where are all these highly paid ad men?

Another player bites the dust. Off to the locker room. Now, Charles Woodson is as Buck said “slow to get up”. Timeout Green Bay ’cause he’s hurt.  I hope the Pack has a defense left to play the second half.

Woo. Almost another Roethlisberger interception. 3rd and 10.

How in the world did Ben get that ball to Hines Ward? 14 yard completion and a first down.

1:37. Can they be stopped? Not much there, gain of 1.

Hines Ward again. Hurry up. Hines Ward TD. We got a two score game.

NOW, it’s 21 to 10 and the Steelers are totally capable of coming back, as they did against Baltimore.

Off goes another Packer defensive player. Maybe they need to go out to the streets and get one of those 400 fans thrown out of the stadium because the seats they had paid for were unsafe.

Aikman is right. The Steelers should feel pretty good. They have the momentum.

It’s halftime and time for some food!

My wife just noticed all those people surrounding the Black Eyes Peas are forming a vinyl record. I wouldn’t have known. She’s got an eye for creativity. She likes the neon light effect on all these people.

She hasn’t looked at the lead singer and said, “Some mother’s son yet.”

I am really out of touch. I don’t know these people at all.  Sledge? Sludge?

Oh, trumpet players. Now, those I like.

Turn it up! Yay-uh!

 Catchy tune.

Let’s get is started. Now that song I have heard. Time to eat!

Yum. Chicken and rice. And spinach.

Now the neon light people are orange.

Here we come. Here we go.

Maybe I am not such an old fogey after all. I kinda liked these Black Eyed Peas.


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