No pills fits my bill

Day 1 of the drug free world. So far I haven’t lost my stack or engaged in a total lack of self control.

Yesterday was the last day of taking my antidepressant medication. I got my doc to agree to phase me off of it.

Last week I took my pills at full dose for four days. Then, I took a half dose for four more.

We are in uncharted territory. The only other times I have been off my meds have been a train wreck. I am hoping, though, that with the “managed care” I have received that I will behave normally.

Normality is the goal here. The antidepressants I have been taking the last few months make me feel like I am semi-intoxicated. My wife say I act weird. I don’t want to act weird.

 We’ll see if the world gets a normal me, one who doesn’t go postal over slights, offenses and poor drivers. I may not be any more likeable than before, but at least I am hoping that I don’t end up in jail or the unemployment line.

I am a spiritual person, a man who believes in a Creator. My wish is that the person He created me to be comes to bloom with the spring flowers without the aid of chemicals.

The jury is out. Let’s hope for freedom, and not slavery.

There is a backup plan. If I begin to head toward the funny farm, I have a prescription sitting in my car. I can make a quick dash to the WalGreens.

This abstinence from a-deps leaves me with one more pill I would like to get rid of: a drug to control my white blood count and keep me from succumbing to a slow death from leukemia.

Maybe one day soon the technology and science will catch  me up and I will be pill-less. Then the only little nuggets I’ll throw in my mouth will be Reeses’s Pieces.


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