This ain’t Dodge City

I respect the police. I really do. They have a tough job, and like teachers (e.g., me), they don’t get paid what they’re worth.

However, for the second time in a week, the actions of the “finest” of our local police have given me pause. The first incident, involving my own experience, can be read under my post ‘I’m just sayin…:.

The latest story comes to me secondhand. I heard it from the guy behind the counter in one of our coffee shops.

This young man asked his boss,”Hey, did you hear what happened to me?” Since his superior hadn’t, he went on to tell him, and the rest of us, too since the shop was close to empty and his voice carried.

The fellow went on to explain that he had left work the other day and went shopping for groceries. In the parking lot, he witnessed a fight between a couple of men.

He got in his car, and went on down the road. As he was tooling along, he noticed a police car following close behind.

Our storyteller said he figured the policeman wanted him to move out of the way so he could go on to whatever activity required his attention. To our narrator’s surpise, he heard the electronic voice of the policeman telling him to pull over.

The cop then told him to get out of his car with his hands up. The officer had his weapon out and pointed.

My coffee friend said he tried to reason with the cop and tell him that he was making a mistake.  However, the first policeman was soon joined by another one, who also had his weapon drawn and apparently aimed.

Shortly, though, the officers were informed by radio that the man they had just apprehended was in fact a witness to the incident they were trying to police, not a participant. They let the boy go.

He wrapped up his story by telling us that he had a meeting with the chief of police for the town in question later this week. Our friend wants to know what was up with those guys.

He’s not the only one. Having been pulled over somewhat bogusly myself this week, I am a little nervous about the local cops these days.

Hearing that our law enforcement officers are running around the community with pistols waving doesn’t reassure me.  Indeed, I have one eye peeled on the road these days.

I told my friend he ought to get the press involved. I would like to see him to do that for the sake of all of us who live around here.

After all, this isn’t Dodge City here, and our lives aren’t an episode from Gunsmoke or The Rifleman.  Somebody ought to get to the bottom of what’s going on around here.



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2 responses to “This ain’t Dodge City

  1. LeRoy Katz

    Here is what I would tell my kids and any others that will listen……never, ever, ever, ever, never trust the police. avoid them. do not volunteer any information. while there are most likely good ones, you don’t know. they are not there to help you.

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