My Ten Favorite Smells or Scents

I don’t have a very good sense of smell. That’s been true for a long time, unlike the lack of hearing and eyesight, which have come along in my middle age.

Thus, when I smell something, it is memorable. Here are some of my favorite smells.

Coffee -sometimes I encounter it sticking my nose in a pacakge. Other times, I run into it at the many coffee shops I frequent.

Mennen Speed Stick Deodorant, Sports Talc –antiperspirants tend to give me a rash. Not this stuff. And the aroma is pretty nice.

Dry sauna heat -Yep, there is an odor there. I got a bit of a whiff of something similar when I walked out of the grocery story into the weather, which was getting ready to produce a thunderstorm.

Pipe smoke -the actual smoking of those things is too much work for me, and a little disgusting. But the scent is inviting.

Leaves in the autumn — the smell adds to the visual experience as you walk down a trail.

Fast food–the grease is kinda nice, especially after being deprived of the stuff for a while.

Irish Spring soap -I used it a long time ago and don’t remember the smell. But I remember I liked it.

Tide detergent -maybe it smells good because you know you’re clothes are gonna get cleaned. Plus, it’s potent enough to get through my resistant nostrils.

My mother’s strawberry cream cheese case –I would be  remiss if I didn’t mention this. It is the taste  that makes the dessert, but there is an aroma to it, which I think is the strawberries.

Automobile exhaust -No. I don’t plan to off myself. There is something sweet about it, though. What a way to go!

What’s yours?



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4 responses to “My Ten Favorite Smells or Scents

  1. Eddie Boylan

    Good choices!!! I can hardly resist the line I heard people use in the parts I grew up in… towards real friends, of course, that would take it in humor….” You’ve got more sense… than a cold nose bird dog!” chuckle, chuckle…

  2. Sue

    1. Streamed crabs
    2. Coffee
    3. Freshly cut grass
    4. Ocean wind and surf
    5. Autumn leaves
    6. Honeysuckle
    7.Christmas trees
    9. Citrus
    10.Spring rain

  3. 0. Nice, old, smoky Islay single malt.

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