Why I Write

Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary says that creativity is having or showing or using an ability to make new things or ideas. Their definition also includes involvement in the process of doing so.

“Psychology Today” says of innovative thinking: “Creativity has been pegged to conducive environments, perfect collaborators, personality traits, serendipity, and even spiritual muses.” I think whatever creativity I possess is a mixture of all of these.

My creative juices tend to get moving in coffee shops. For some reason, the mixture of coffee, music and/or books helps me to relax and think.

My personality lends itself to research. I have always like to dig into things and produce something for the public.

As a young man, this led me into journalism. I have found this interest in study useful as a teacher. Lately, it has been quite useful with my blogging “hobby”.

I think the serendipity aspect of my creativity I find most intriguing. I include many things in my writing and teaching that I didn’t look for . I just stumbled upon them.

These ideas just pop into my head, produced by my background knowledge. Also, in my thinking process, one thought leads to another which leads to another. I amaze myself sometimes when this happens and wonder where these ideas come from.

The sources of my  inspiration, my “muses” if you will, don’t only come from my own thoughts. Indeed, I joke that I am the world’s greatest “plagiarizer”.

I don’think any my ideas are original. I usually just rework other people’s thoughts and spew out an interpretation.

As a Christian, I also believe there is another source that influences me. I do believe that at times God moves me in a certain direction in my thinking.

I am not arrogant enough to believe my thoughts are inerrant Scripture. However, as one who trusts in a living God, I would be negligent if I didn’t mention Him as the originator of some of my writing and teaching ideas.

“Psychology Today”notes: “While research psychologists are interested in increasing innovative thinking, clinical psychologists sometimes encourage patients to use artistic expression as a way to confront difficult feelings.” I think this is one reason I blog.

Blogging helps me to look inwardly, something my shallow self is wont to do. It helps me to sort out what’s going on “in there”.

Sitting with professional counselors and ministers is helpful. But for me, the writing is more therapeutic. I am grateful it is a part of my life.





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