Top 10 Quarterback Busts in The Last 20 Years

I have time on my hands here waiting for my flght to London. So I played with this idea. Top 10 Quarterback Draft Busts 1990-2006 I drew the line before 2007 because I wanted to not judge a QB too early in his career. My criteria was that ALL players were drafted in the top 10 of the first round (many in the top 5) The players are in order of ineptitude vs. promise. Shuler is no. 1 probably because the Washington Redskins drafted him and I root for them.  But Ryan Leaf would give him a good fight.

Heath Shuler

Ryan Leaf

Akili Smith

Andre Ware

 Matt Leinart

Tim Couch

Rick Mirer

Alex Smith

Joey Harrington

David Klingler


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