2011 Reflections

As we prepare to enter the final year of existence (see the disaster movie “2012”, although I haven’t and won’t, and the Mayan calendar), some reflection on this past year is in order. Here are some of my thoughts:

* The world is becoming more, not less, autocratic.

* Employers are turning into what my father used to call “tinhorn dictators”.

* “The Protester” being chosen as the person of the year by Time magazine is absurd. This year’s brand can’t hold a candle to Vietnam era revolutionaries.

* Immigration policy and enforcement is broken everywhere I go.

* It’s almost a year until the next presidential election in the USA and I’m already sick of it.

* Medicine is a great boon to mankind, and especially yours truly. Ten years ago, I would have died from a disease I now control with a pill.  Two of my kids are interested in entering the field, too.

* Some of my best moments this year were when I didn’t have access to electronics. I have fallen in love again with the book.

* The doomsday mood in the media this year over the economy and other issues reminds me of the Y2K hysteria at the turn of the century. The attitude is “run for your lives”. I for one am refusing to buy into it, although as a news freak I find it intriguing.

* Having said that, it is true that capitalism is in meltdown mode:

–On Christmas Day I went looking for a Sunday paper and found an open gas station. I told the woman clerk that I felt sorry for her that she had to work on Christmas. She said,”It’s greed.”  I agree.

–No one wants to pay you anything anymore either.

–Personally, I am in a fix because one person (the prime minister of the UK) nixed a deal with his European Union partners and sent the euro into a downward spiral. I work in Europe and send most of my earnings back to the States to my family. The only reason I can afford to  rent a flat and incur other personal expenses there is because the euro has been high against the dollar. No more.

* I know I am getting old when 20th century landmark events and places  have the same historical significance as Civil War battlefields did to me when I was a young man.

* Blood is thicker than water and no relationships are more important than those in your family.

* On that note, no heartbreak is greater than that which originates from or with one’s kin.

This year circumstances forced me to finally look in the mirror. I haven’t liked what I have seen.

I am grateful for movements and people out there dedicated to helping people like me recover from themselves.

More than anything, I am grateful for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This year I have had no choice to turn my life over to His care.

The result has been an understanding that, although I may not measure up in man’s eyes, with the opposite of accolades and achievements having come my way in 2011,  I am in a sweet place with Jesus at year’s end. In His kingdom I am evaluated by His promises, His grace and what I do with Him.

Happy New Year!


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One response to “2011 Reflections

  1. Eddie Boylan

    Joy to you for the rest of 2011 and throughout 2012 & Onward…

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