Temper of the times: delusion

It’s the day after the election and I feel as if I have a hangover. And I don’t even drink.

When I was living in Finland this year and planning my return to the States, the one thing I dreaded was coming home during a presidential election. The mud slinging was all I thought it would be.

What is worse, I have determined after this presidential race that we live in a nation of deluded people.  I am one of them.

My candidate lost. Yet, the day after I am a little depressed about it, but not overwhelmingly so.

I didn’t really care for Mitt Romney, but he grew on me during the debates. I thought he was a man of stature.

However, this morning I feel like a man who went to a new car dealership and came away empty. I saw a beauty of a vehicle, kicked the tires, and was drawn in my its new car smell and shine.

Yet, even though I can’t stand that old Edsel in the driveway, I am glad others dragged me a way from a purchase.  I think I mainly wanted to get rid of my old  car, not buy a new one. Had I taken the new car home, I would have immediately zeroed in on its “lemon” aspects.

I wasn’t the only one who was deluded. The conservative media  propagated to its audience  a narrative that sucked people into a false belief that Romney had the election in the bag.

“Why, he’s going to win in a landslide”, said a couple of pundits I trust. They cited faulty polling models from the mainstream pollsters as the reason for their faith.

I followed one of them on Twitter last night, and he obviously had egg on his face. He expressed worry over Florida, grasped at straws with Colorado and expressed anger over the delay in counting votes.

This morning the man appeared on a major cable network. He had an embarrassed grin on his face, noting instead of a landslide,  he was involved in a “mudslide”.  I don’t think  I will ever trust this guy’s pronouncements ever again.

Mainstream media also  had a part in misleading during the election. If George W. Bush had been involved in what happened in Benghazi and spent weeks just saying,”We’re checking into that”, the mainstreamers  would have had a cow.

Finally, not only am I deluded, and the media deceivers and deceived, but the American people are living in a state of unreality. For them to vote in a president who has run up a 16 trillion dollar national deficit and  promises to keep spending more money is reflective of a spirit of chimera.

That Americans fail to note  that Obama is presiding over the disintegration of traditional America is hallucinatory. I liked my country the way it was and I hate to see it lose its essential core values.

We indeed are living in a fantasy land. As one of my relatives said this morning,”God help us all.”


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