Temper of the Times: Crisis Mentality

It has gotten to the point where I almost get nauseous reading news or watching it on TV. I believe the reason for this is the constant crises portrayed there.  But who can blame the purveyors of so-called truth on the cable networks or online?

Many of the folks in the media or just lapping up what they receive from our politicians. The current presidential administration in America has become expert in keeping the populace in a permanent state of fever. It is almost a cliche now that President Obama is in constant campaign mode instead of governing.

The Republican opposition is no better.  The members of Congress respond to Mr. Obama by doing their own grandstanding. Rand Paul’s recent filibuster is an example of this partisan play for media attention.

I am a believer in Jesus Christ. Because of this I sometime watch Christian programming on television. What I find there is almost as upsetting as the political garbage spewing out on CNN or Fox News.

Many believers think we are in the end times. This means to the Christian that Jesus Christ will return to Earth soon to set up His kingdom. I won’t get into all the eschatologicial viewpoints on how this is to transpire here.

However, the key point is that religion also keeps us on edge these days. In the last few months we have been fed the potential of cataclysmic disaster because of what earlier prophets have written or interpreted.

At the close of 2012 many were focused on what the Mayan calendar was supposed to predict. None of this came  to pass.

In the  run up to the election of a new Pope, we were told of  the prophecies of an Irish saint by the name of Malachy. He had foretold that this particular papacy was to usher in the end times.

One test of a prophet is that his predictions come true. My guess is that Malachy was all wet inasmuch as this Pope was to be called Peter the Roman according to him.

Jose Mario Bergoglio, the new Pope,   is Argentine. I can’t see where the name Peter could be drawn from his name.

He is the son of Italian immigrants, but it seems to me that associating the former cardinal with Rome is possible. Furthermore, he took the name Francis out of respect for the saint who ministered to the poor, not the name of the apostle who is credited with founding the Roman church.

This period of time reminds me of the spirit that was present at the  time of the new millenium. Everyone was all atwitter (and I don’t mean that they were on the social media vehicle–it didn’t exist in 1999) over what was called Y2K.

What was supposed to occur was a complete meltdown of our infrastructure.  Our computers, for example , were not supposed to handle the changeover to the new numbers.

Thus, you had people in places like Upstate South Carolina hoarding goods in anticipation of chaos. When the new century presented itself, nothing happened. It was business as usual on January 1.

In all fairness, I tended to believe and support the prophets of doom at that time. I recall one of them getting mocked and abused on a Charlotte radio station. Afterwards I sent him an Email in support.

In retrospect I should have never sent that message. He deserved the flogging.

I now see him as a charlatan. There are a lot of them running around today. Forgive me my skepticism when I hear another politico or media person tell us that the sky is falling.


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