All Hail Andy Reid

As the NFL playoffs begin this weekend, the weather is supposed to play a big part. It won’t matter in the state I live in because the Indianapolis Colts do their thing in a dome. Even if their game against the Kansas City Chiefs was played outdoors, the weather on Saturday will still be better than the oncoming blizzard and -10 temps expected Sunday and Monday.

That same night, the Philadelphia Eagles play in a cold Lincoln Field, where it’s supposed to be 24 degrees and feel like 18. The New Orleans Saints are another dome team, and they do not perform well on the road.

On Sunday they’re calling for sleet in Cincy, two hours south of me, where the Bengals take on the warm-weather San Diego Chargers. In addition, Lambeau Field in Green Bay will host the San Francisco 49ers in perhaps the coldest game on record, even eclipsing the famous Ice Bowl it hosted in 1967.

As for who will win the whole shebang, I am going with the Kansas City Chiefs. I have been waiting for this talented team to fulfill expectations since I predicted they would win their division in 2012. They didn’t win it this year either, but they began the season 9-0 under new coach Andy Reid.

SInce then their performance has been up and down. But their talent hasn’t gone anywhere. Furthermore, I was heartened from an unlikely source about Alex Smith, the enigmatic quarterback of the Chiefs. 

Richard Sherman, the gifted cornerback of the Seattle Seahawks who tends to be over the top with his trash talk, can be astute when he writes for Sports Illustrated. He wrote on the SI website today in an oped about quarterbacks that he thought Smith was the most conservative. I took that as a positive:the less turnovers in the playoffs, the better your team’s chances.

Here’s how their Super Bowl victory will play out.


Bengals over Chargers
Chiefs over Colts
Bengals over Denver
Chiefs over Patriots
Chiefs over Bengals
AFC Champs-Chiefs
Eagles over Saints
Packers over 49ers
Seahwawks over Packers
Panthers over Eagles
Seahawks over Panthers
Super Bowl
Chiefs over Seahawks

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  1. Well the Colts stumped this at the beginning.

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