Hoosiers Lose it



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3 responses to “Hoosiers Lose it

  1. rvilmi

    I can see you need a little practice with the camera, Tim, but I liked what you had to say. It’s so sad that so many Americans tell the same stories about the US police that this awful behaviour must be very widespread,

    • Yeah, Ruth, i was unhappy with how the film at Indy turned out. I am using a MacPro laptop and have to level it correctly to get a good shot. It was difficult to do among that throng. Alas,I wish I had a video camera, but expense gets in the way. The MacPro is courtesy of my workplace. Live and learn!

  2. It must be very hard to film that way, Tim!! Maybe the school has a camera that you could borrow, or a smart phone? Many cameras and phones have the option to take video-clips. I’m sure there must be video-cameras for sale second-hand too. I have an old Sanyo Xacti digital video camera, but I couldn’t use it for years as I couldn’t find a replacement battery anywhere. Luckily, finally a Facebook friend helped me to find one on line.

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