On Comet, On Cupid…On Waiting!

I know me. I will not do something until I’m good and ready.

At the moment, I am writing these thoughts when I probably should be working on a proposal for a presentation at a conference next March. I am King Procrastinator, or more likely, a Procaffeinator. I saw that term on Facebook today. A Procaffeinator is a person who cannot accomplish a task until they’ve had their coffee or tea.

Well, I am sitting right here at Panera with my cup of coffee, but the deadline for this proposal isn’t until this weekend, and it has even been extended! Too soon. Thus, the only real deadline I am facing is one in about 90 minutes. That’s when the last bus of the day leaves the mall area.

I have been on a Christmas break from my university job for a week now, so that’s part of my problem. I think I am on vacation, but I am really not, I have spent a lot of time catching up on much-needed sleep when I guess I should have been more productive. I did pick up my room today though!

It’s not that i have avoided the proposal project altogether. Yesterday I did some research, scanning the Internet for potential sites to review on my topic. But I’m really only half done.

Like anything else, I think the only way I am going to get this proposal done and out is by promising myself a reward. Shoot, if my current host Panera and other places like movie theaters can do it, why can’t I? A “selfie reward” I will call it.

The big time waster for me thus far has been my affection for movies, especially the classic ones. When I haven’t been sleeping,I have been watching flicks.

I think how I can get this job done is to give myself the right to watch a decent movie after its finished, and not until. I’ll have something to look forward to and therefore be more motivated.

I wonder what’s on Netflix tonight? Oh forget it! When I get home I’ll do a little research, go to bed and hit it hard in the morning.

At least then I can make some morning Joe.



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3 responses to “On Comet, On Cupid…On Waiting!

  1. eb

    From your opening you are following the Ralph D Winter- USCWM Founder’s advice… “Don’t make any decision until you have to.” 🙂

  2. eddieboylan

    Your opening reminds me of the words of Ralph D Winter founder of the US Center for World Mission…” Don’t make any decision until you have to. “

  3. And I didn’t even make the decision to keep working this morning. Sigh.

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