Saturday Night

Ah Saturday night, when I can live vicariously thru college “yuts”, livening up an otherwise mundane existence.

Today it even started earlier, as I discussed sports with a nice fellow named Tom, in the Student Center for some RA convention.

Then I went to the sandwich shop on my way off campus to buy 75 cent day old baguette bread. The young girl behind the counter kept ringing up $2.81 but did it with such youthful enthuiasm and a smle that I could not help but be amused. During what appeared to be her final offer of 2.81 I said,”Check with those guys”, pointing to some boys doing who knows what in the back. I held up my ever aging baguette and said,”75 cents-right?” They instructed the smiling lass in the way more perfect.

However, my most eventful experience came as I got within a half mile of home after walking the greenway. I smelled the sickly sweet aroma of weed as I passed a bugalow on the sidewalk.

You may ask,”Now Tim, how do you know what Mary Jane smells like since you claim to be a Christian?” I tried mary-gee-wanna twice in my own “yut” and it never did anything for me. Perhaps this,was because like our former hipster prez, I didn’t inhale.

However, I have to say that the Cheech and Chong family I walked passed must have had some “good stuff man” because I felt its effects immediately.

If the cops made pedestrians walk a,straight line I would be in the pokey right now trying to reach one of my friends to bail me out. As it is, I staggered home in my inebriated condition, where I now sit to record these thoughts. 


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