Realizations from a year away

I have been away from this blog for a long time. Why? Life happened.

I have realized a lot of things about life since my last post about a year ago. Some of these have come from interacting with the media as a consumer, mainly the American variety. What I have become fully aware of is that our webzines, newspapers, cable tv news channels, commentators, and pundits are very corrupt, especially when it comes to politics.

It is hard to sift through the communication jungle today and  get at the truth. It’s very depressing. Part of the reason is that every Tom, Dick, and Harriet can have a say and fancy themselves astute.

I just finished reading an article on Facebook from the New York Times about how how comedian David Letterman sees Donald Trump as damaged. My comment was that this was tantamount to the pot calling the kettle black. I pointed out his sick sense of humor, sexual innuendo toward Sarah Palin and how he has begun to look like the Unabomber after retirement.

Of course, some woman responded sarcastically by telling me  that I had described Trump. I let her know that I had no love for Trump and that her reply showed her own political bias.

It’s all very frustrating. Every political communication today on the Internet has to be understood in the context of who is giving it. What I am reading and listening to is political propaganda.

Now this would all be well and good if I knew that these media outlets were generally objective in their reporting. But, alas, they are not.

The Letterman article was an interview reporting the comedian’s opinion about one of the presidential candidates. That’s fine on the surface. But I realize that the editors of the New York Times chose to give this buffoon space in their newspaper and on the Internet. They had a political  agenda in publishing that interview. It’s no secret that the Times is generally left wing. But that is no surprise, since the last time I checked about 90 percent of the American media votes Democratic.

Besides the political bias evident in today’s reporting, there is the problem of the plethora of sources for news. We have become a fragmented society in a lot of ways, and the media is part and parcel of that trend. There is a tsunami of places to go for “news”.

As a result, as a media consumer, one generally for their own time management and sanity must pick out a few channelers of their information about the world. Because every one of these messengers have a political agenda, you cannot really be sure you are getting what Jack Webb of the old Dragnet show used to desire: the facts, just the facts.

So with a presidential election coming up, I have no idea whether or not I should believe that Hillary Clinton is a secretive, lying, greedy abuser of tramps going after her husband or that Trump is a sexist xenophobe.

I just watch TV and ask,”Do I like her? Do I like him?” That’s no way to choose a president or make any other kind of major decision.

My old journalism professors are rolling over in their graves.





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