Time for a Respite from Politics

From what I see from my friends on social media, nerves are raw after the election. Frankly, if people are like me they are exhausted from the political wars.

But some are so disappointed that they are out in the streets protesting. Given the rhetoric that came from the winning candidate, I suppose I can understand this, and that is there right, perhaps even there obligation. But as I said I am weary from the battle.

Politics are important because they result in government and government has a lot of power in how we live our lives. But politics isn’t everything.

Don’t get me wrong. As a person who by the 8th grade had decided he wanted to be a journalist, I am a political junkie. This truth played out this election. I had every intention of ignoring it, but I became more and more focused on it as we neared Election Day.

However, this week  I am trying to discover or perhaps re-discover other crucial aspects of life. This morning I took a walk on a sunny, brisk autumn day full of color and light. How refreshing that was.

The rest of this day I am giving attention to my personal goals and necessary evils such as paying bills. Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, What’s His Name –you know, the Libertarian with the goofy look on his face, and Jill Stein will be far from my mind I hope.

Another neglected area of my life is my faith. I have not kept up with the practices that draw me closer to God.

I am not in a position to criticize other people, but sometimes I wonder if those who are so wrapped up in politics have made it their religion. If so, they have a spiritual void that needs to be filled.

The segment of life known as politics is not spiritual.Political beliefs can indeed lead to inspiration of a sort I suppose, but I am not sure they can feed the soul. There is no God at the center of those beliefs.

Who does someone worship in a political belief system?

I do realize that politics can spring from religious beliefs, as they did with Martin Luther King, Jr. for example. For some,  political involvement is a ministry of sorts.

But for me there are other spheres of life in which I would prefer to express my own faith.

So for now I am leaving politics behind, not because I am not interested, but because I am just worn out from the Trump vs. Clinton conflict.I have other fish to fry.





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